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If anyone knows any games made with this pack please post a link here

Using these for a "Sid Meier's Colonization Clone", just missing a shipyard and tanner building XD

I still do not lose hope that someone will take up the creation of their own Colonization clone and I can help him with this :)

Just keep expanding this pack, and it'll happen

Any chance you will create more buildings? :)

Hello, sorry for the slow answer, but yes I have a few more unfinished buildings that I will definitely add in the future. (plus ships and characters)


Love this and will work perfect for a Conquest of the New World clone. Threw $20 at your recent bundle. Keep up the amazing work!


Conqest of the new world is one of my favorite games, write me on twitter (@lemmonch) or discord (Lemburke # 5312), I'd love to help you with the graphics:)

I’ll definitely keep you on the radar. I tend to hop around on different game ideas or become really lazy 😂


Oooh maaan, this is a very high-quality pack. Immediately bought it

Are the ships animated?

Hi. No, ships and other elements of the set are not animated.


Could you add a hemp/marijuana product leaf pls


Hi, just bought your art. :D

I really like the style. Have an extra ten bucks to encourage you making more buildings.   :)

Cheers m8.

Wow! Thank you very much. Very nice to see such a response to my work :)

Ok, first of all, I’ll take care of the buildings. These sprites are the most time-consuming and probably I will upload them in parts.


Looks great, love the style

Could you add a .PNG version to the set? Also, natives with muskets and axes, horses, dragoons.

Hey. Thanks for the comment, do you mean one .png file with all assets? This is not a problem, I will add it with the next update. Right now I am completing units for each of the resources + Native Americans. Military units will be after them.


Really nice pack with high quality graphics! Highly recommend for purchase!

Thank you for your feedback, it is very motivating. 😄